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Whole of government contract management

TMD's role

TMD acts as the contract authority for a number of agreements.

While customers purchase most of the above services directly from the suppliers, TMD is responsible for a range of contract management and related activities. These vary slightly across agreements but generally include:

  • Establishing agreements (including tendering, evaluation and negotiations)
  • Contract supervision and monitoring
  • Escalation of issues and resolution of disputes
  • Development of new services
  • Ordering of common services (eg. the NT core network)
  • Quality assurance
  • Benchmarking
  • Pricing reviews

The cost of providing these contract management services is generally recovered by suppliers on TMD's behalf through the collection of a contact management fee.

TMD manages a number of whole of Government agreements through which agencies and other eligible organisations purchase ICT infrastructure and services. This includes:

Networking Tasmania

The Networking Tasmania (NT) agreements provide a range of proactively managed data network and related services including:

Click here for more information on NT services and suppliers.

Oracle Agreement

This agreement provides whole of government licensing and support arrangements for a specified range of products provided by Oracle.

Telephony and Mobile Data (TAMD)

TAMD is managed through a panel arrangement, with a number of providers supplying five categories of fixed and mobile voice, mobile data and related services:

  • Category 1 - Inbound  13/1300/1800 numbers, associated call routing and related functionality
  • Category 2 - Mobile  mobile voice, data, telemetry and related services
  • Category 3 - Basic Telephony  primarily to replace legacy copper-based Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS)
  • Category 4 - Managed Telephony ongoing management of the Government’s existing small site Samsung PBX solutions
  • Category 5 - Telephony API and OTT  telephony services that support integration with a variety of end user devices, complex connection types, and call management techniques.

TAMD – Inbound Services

Inbound Services provide customers with a single point of contact for government services. Customers ringing these unique national service numbers would generally be directed to an individual, an IVR or a contact centre.

The Services includes competitive call rates, locally, nationally and internationally for:

*          13 and 1300 numbers that allow local, interstate and mobile callers to ring into a Government service for the cost of a local call

*          1800 numbers that allow ‘toll free’ calling for all Australian callers.

All Inbound Services (13, 1300 and 1800 numbers) can be  terminated on a mobile, local landline or overseas number as required.

TAMD - Mobile Services

This agreement provides mobile voice and data, and associated value added services including:

  • Voice only plans - suitable for users with basic mobile handsets who only need to make voice calls and send text messages
  • Voice and data plans - suitable for smart phone users
  • Data only plans - suitable for data only devices, e.g. wireless modems or tablets
  • Agreed rates for the majority of voice and video calls, SMS messages and excess data usage, including unlimited call allowances on selected plans
  • Aggregated data usage across the majority of services (enabling agencies to minimise data usage costs)
  • Handset/device purchase options - including both outright purchase and payment plans

These agreements also enable TMD to purchase a variety of other plans and value added services, including:

  • International roaming plans
  • Telemetry/Internet-of-Things (IoT) plans
  • Mobile Device Management.

TAMD – Basic Telephony Services

The Basic Telephone Service provides dial tone connectivity for inbound and/or outbound calls to the PSTN via a geographical number with a range of telephony features provided either via the network or  the handset.

The service provides the ability to receive and present calls (call success) to any other on-net service with the required call behavior and quality.

The service supports options for customer to:

  • Connect existing telephone analogue handsets
  • Use VoIP handsets provided as part of the service
  • Receive and read voicemail
  • Play Music on hold
  • Record voice announcements
  • Have a new telephone number or port their existing number.

TAMD – Managed Telephony Services

Managed Telephony Services are provided to support and manage the Samsung IP telephony systems installed at customer sites.

This includes all adds, moves and changes, resolution of all Samsung related hardware and software issues and providing all carrier/TMD support on behalf of the customers.

The Managed Telephony service offerings available are:

  • Managed Support Service – subscription
  • Basic Support Service – casual
  • System Software upgrades
  • On Site support

If the Customer provides the Contractor authorised access to the Customers network, the Contractor can provide additional support beyond the service boundary to assist in the resolution of issues that may be LAN related.

New and replacement hardware is provided through the Contractor’s direct arrangements with the Australian Samsung distributor. Equipment can be either shipped directly to the Customer’ site or delivered and installed by the Contractor.

TAMD – Telephony API and OTT Services

Telephony services are provided to support integration with a variety of end user devices, complex connection types and call management systems such as SMS, fax and call conferencing services.

The SMS portal supports custom messaging to recipients, integration with email and a level of  business to business automation that integrates with customer applications. It also allows SMS messages to be initiated and received via a variety of interfaces, for example Web Portal, E-mail, or representational state transfer, also providing interoperability between computer systems on the internet.

An enterprise Fax service allows fax transmission and reception via an associated Australian public switched telephone network (PSTN) number to any local, national, international or mobile fax service. The service provides reliable transition over a VoIP network with the following capability: E-mail to fax and fax to E-mail, web portal fax sending (“Shared use faxing”) and fax analogue telephone adaptor for Legacy fax machines.

Tasmanian Government Voice Network

This agreement provides the following services:

  • Core - voice communications delivered to Government telephony users across an IP network and to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Site - ongoing supply and management of an IP telephony service to a customer site
  • Survival Site - ongoing supply and management of a survival telephony service to a customer site
  • User equipment - supply, maintain and support a range of User Equipment including; telephony handsets, special purpose handsets, soft phones and associated ancillary devices
  • Volume Call Handling - advanced distribution of calls to a group of users (Advanced Hunt Group), Announcement, Interactive Voice response (IVR), Standard Queue, Advanced call group)
  • Task and Messaging - a secure task and messaging system for structured tasking and ad-hoc messaging from customer PCs, tablets and telephony devices to nominated receiving devices
  • Additional Services - additional services as agreed.

Public Network Access and Carriage (PNAC)

The services provided under this agreement include:

  • Plain old Telephone Services (POTS), also known as Basic Telephone Service Access
  • Telstra Tbiz telephony service which are delivered over the NBN
  • ISDN Access
  • Inbound Services
  • Usage for all voice calls including:
    • Local
    • Fixed to Mobile
    • National Long Distance
    • International
    • Inbound calling

For more information on any of the above contracts please contact:

TMD Service Management Centre
1800 255 505