TMD and the Office of eGovernment have amalgamated to become Digital Strategy and Services, a new division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. This site will remain active while our new web presence is being developed. In the meantime, please direct any enquiries to
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Business communications services

The division offers a range of flexible and efficient business communication services including:

We also manage:

Volume Call Handling

The division offer a range of Volume Call Handling Solutions that provide call management flexibility to match their business needs. Solutions include Hunt Groups, Interactive Voice Recordings and queueing systems.

Inbound call services (1300/1800)

Inbound call services offer a range of benefits for callers and Tasmanian Government agencies.

For callers,1300 or 1800 (13 or 18) contact numbers can provide single contact points for no or low cost calls to the agency, regardless of the caller’s location in the state.

For agencies, a single inbound number provides flexibility to direct calls to a specific office location or subject matter team. If an agency changes physical location, callers can continue to use the same number and be answered at the new location.

E-SMS Services

The SMS Portal product provides a secure way to communicate with contacts via SMS. It allows personalisation of messages sent to recipients, supports integration with email and has some B2B automation for integration with customer applications. The SMS Portal also has the ability to have multiple Customer Groups (tenants) across multiple brands.

E-Fax Services

We currently offer three fax solutions including:

  • An Analogue Gateway device to support existing fax machines
  • Email to fax or Web portal service, which provides security and proof of delivery via the web.

Conferencing Services

A range of conferencing solutions is available. Please contact us for further information.