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Networking Tasmania and the Tasmanian Cloud


The Tasmanian Government's outsourced, managed data network arrangements are known as Networking Tasmania (NT) II. NT includes a number of contracts with local information and communication technology (ICT) industry organisations for the supply of network, internet, data centre, Wi-Fi and related ICT services.


These ICT services support the operations of Government by enabling the secure electronic transmission and storage of Government information within agencies, between agencies and to external third parties outside the Government. Some of these services will also support the Tasmanian Cloud. 


The Tasmanian Cloud is an on-island cloud service which securely supports key public sector data and ICT services. The objective of the Tasmanian Cloud initiative is that agencies must locate, where practical, most of their information and services in the on-island Tasmanian Cloud. The Tasmanian Cloud is to be achieved through data centre services (DCaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by NT suppliers. For more information please read the Tasmanian Cloud Policy or the Tasmanian Cloud information flyer


Networking Tasmania III project


The NT III project will establish the third generation of data network and related ICT service contracts, to be known as Networking Tasmania III, to replace the expiring NT II contracts. The project commenced in July 2014, after approval from the ICT Policy Board and establishment of a Steering Committee of key agency executives from across Government. For more information on the project, please read the NT III Project Overview and related project update documents below.


Timeline for remaining project activities (guide only)


NT III project market consultation


On 14 November 2014, a pre-tender market consultation period was launched by the Honourable Michael Ferguson MP, Minister for Information Technology and Innovation, and included the release of the Tasmanian Cloud Networking Tasmania Pre-Tender Consultation discussion paper.

Market consultation will be ongoing with interested parties in the local ICT sector for the duration of the project, for any NT III service group which is not the subject of live or completed tender processes. The discussion paper informs interested parties about: 


  • the Government's current NT II data networking services and business context
  • the drivers and future business model envisaged for NT III services
  • the service and security models that are emerging
  • likely individual service requirements, including the expected grouping of services by type for procurement and delivery purposes


In January 2015, a new discussion paper was released called NT III - Authentication and Authorisation Service: Scoping and implementation approach. The purpose of this paper was to summarise the Government's proposed scope and objectives for the implementation of the NT III Authentication and Authorisation Services (AAS) which will be established as part of the NT III project. The AAS paper builds upon section 4.1.4 of the Tasmanian Cloud Networking Tasmania Pre-Tender Consultation paper by providing more contextual information and background about this service requirement. 


If your organisation would like to consult with the Government in relation to NT III services, please refer to Section 1.4 of the Tasmanian Cloud Networking Tasmania Pre-Tender Consultation discussion paper for more information. 


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